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January 30, 2024 Summary. As was previously announced in August 2023, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd., the brand owner of Berkey Water Systems, filed a lawsuit against the EPA for classifying Berkey Water Filters as pesticides and is seeking an injunction to lift the Stop-Sale order (SSURO) placed on Berkey International—which manufactures and supplies Berkey products to NMCL.

Help Me Choose A Berkey Water Filter YouTube

Which basically means it's fluoride-free. However, the problem with Berkey water filters is how effectively it removes fluoride depends on the pH of your water. And according to Berkey, "for maximum removal efficiency, maintain the water being treated between a pH level of 5 and 7.".

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The Berkey filters showed strong performance on lead-contaminated drinking water. In our test they reduced lead levels from 170 ug/L to just 0.12 ug/L, a measurement that far exceeds the NSF/ANSI.

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Berkey Water Filters' owner has also sued the EPA. In August 2023, NMCL filed its own lawsuit against the U.S. EPA to stop the environmental group from classifying Berkey filters as pesticides. According to court documents, the EPA suddenly decided in 2022 that the plaintiffs NMCL and James Shepherd, owner of Berkey Water Systems, had to.

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Two Royal Berkeys and the Travel Berkey for scale Credit: @berkey_filters. I decided on the Travel Berkey, which costs $345 for the full system. I live alone, and the 1.5-gallon capacity is more than enough for the amount of water I consume (and can even filter up to 2.75 gallons of water per hour, if you're hydrating for a large group).

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A Berkey water filter will purify water to 99.999 percent for pathogenic bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, and unwanted chemicals. Berkey reduces harmful pollutants, chlorine, fluorine, and toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury without removing the beneficial and healthy nutritional minerals of the water needed to maintain a healthy body and sound mind.

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Resolved. On July 23, 2022, I placed an online order at for the purchase of a "Royal Berkey and Stand Bundle". This was order number ******** and was appropriately processed.

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Berkey Filters & Accessories. Over 18 years of offering the #1 trusted gravity water filtration system to the world! Start drinking filtered water now with a Berkey water filtration system. Find new Berkey water filters, replacement filters, accessories, parts and more with free shipping on all USA orders. Start Shopping.

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To avoid the "Berkey water filter scam" make sure you always buy your unit direct from source. They also offer the best prices typically lower than what you would find on Amazon..Even More Reasons To LOVE The Berkey Water Filter. Berkey was rated #1 at removing contaminants in 2014 by Natural News Water Filter Labs.

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4 reviews. US. Aug 16, 2020. Don't waste your money, doesn't work. Terrible customer service. Do not waste your money. These filters do not work and are crazy expensive. They won't accept returns or issue refund. I live in Arizona, there are a lot of mineral deposits in the tap water, including calcium and salt.

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The manufacturer of all authentic Berkey® products is New Millennium Concepts, LTD. (NMCL), a privately-owned company headquartered in Hurst, Texas. Currently, NMCL only sells their products through an exclusive network of authorized dealers, like USA Berkey Filters. Interestingly, NMCL used to sell Berkey® Systems and accessories directly to.

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8 total complaints in the last 3 years. 3 complaints closed in the last 12 months. View customer complaints of Berkey Water Filters and Purifiers, BBB helps resolve disputes with the services or.

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To break down the numbers a bit, a pair of the Black Berkey Purification Elements ($100 for two replacements) last up to 6,000 gallons — or for my husband, dog and I, about a year. Say you.

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At some point, all holograms on Black Berkey ® Elements boxes will have an identifiable serial number. However, consumers that receive Berkey PF-2™ Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements without a hologram displaying a serial number is an indication that the elements are counterfeit. Consumers may contact NMCL Customer Service to verify if.

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The berkey did an amazing job of removing that mud taste. Unfortunately after a month, the mud taste was back. Did a quick red dye test and found after close examination that the sealant that held the filter to the plastic fitting degraded. Jeff quickly replaced the filters.