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Best Tequila for Special Occasions: Patrón Añejo; Best Tequila for Sipping Neat: Don Julio 70 Cristalino Tequila; Best Tequila for Shots: Cutwater Blanco Tequila; Best Flavored Tequila: 21Seeds.

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Bottles of this type of tequila will typically boast "100% agave" on the label, and many tequila aficionados believe that 100% agave tequila is of superior quality due to its purity.. (100 to 120 proof), authentic Mexican tequila traditionally features a much lower alcohol content of 35% (70 proof). American consumers are so conditioned.

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Discover Patrón Tequila, the world's number one premium tequila, handcrafted from 100% Weber Blue Agave. Simply Perfect.. HANDCRAFTED IN MEXICO. IMPORTED BY THE PATRÓN SPIRITS COMPANY, CORAL GABLES, FL., USA TEQUILA - 40% ALC. BY VOL. CONTENT FOR 21+. ONLY SHARE WITH THOSE OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE.

Master Premium Añejo Tequila Ceramic Bottle // 750 ml Rare Edition

Hornitos Plata is a high-quality tequila made with 100% roasted agave (blue agave), and this Mexico tequila has a crystal clear appearance and rich agave flavor. Hornitos Plata has a fruity, herbal, floral aroma and tastes with light citrus notes. In addition, the finish is short but smooth.

Master Premium Añejo Tequila Ceramic Bottle // 750 ml Rare Edition

The final product is often times called floral and minerally. This is one of the best bottles of tequila to host a tasting and contrast with a bottle from the Tequila Valley. A one-liter bottle of 40% ABV Tapatío Tequila blanco costs $600 pesos. That is the best deal on this list.

Mexican Tequilas •

Each of the Lunazul varieties, Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Primero are hand-crafted and rooted in tradition. Lunazul is affordable luxury— 100% agave, hand-labeled and hand- crafted. This is tequila in its wildest, most natural state, crystal clear and un-aged, allowing its 100% agave flavor to take the lead. $19.99.

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Tromba Tequila Blanco (about $40 for a 750-mL bottle at the time of publication): Made in the iron-rich soil of Los Altos, Tromba is a delightful option for folks looking for a sprightly, light.

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Tequila vs. mezcal. Tequila and mezcal are often classified as two distinctive spirit categories, but they are spun from the same cloth. Tequila is actually a specific category of mezcal, produced exclusively from Weber blue agave, in the Mexican state of Jalisco and some neighbouring states. Note that the blue agave variety may be the only one.

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Clase Azul Plata Tequila is produced from 100% organic Weber blue agave, pot-distilled and stored in a unique decanter bottle—making it the perfect gift for tequila lovers. Smooth flavors of citrus, fresh-cut herbs and sweet agave ooze from the premium spirit's balanced, harmonious and pleasantly sweet palate.

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Lizard Animal Bottle Flower Alebrije technique, Glass Mexican Decor Bottle, Tequila or Mezcal empty bottle Hand ASK FOR CUSTOMIZE. (1.4k) $58.50. $65.00 (10% off) FREE shipping. 10in. x 5in. Empty, Never Filled, Owl Set of Mexican Talavera Ceramic Alcohol Liquor Tequila Mezcal Flask Bottle & 4 Shot Glasses. (2.3k) $59.99.

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Mexico's #1 Tequila* A Tradition Worth Celebrating. We believe that traditions should be celebrated. Every bottle of our 100% agave tequila is finely crafted using the same methods established by our founder, Lázaro Gallardo, over 150 years ago. Gran Centenario's ® complex, yet balanced profile, combined with its unparalleled smoothness, is what makes it the tequila of choice for.

Master Premium Añejo Tequila Ceramic Bottle // 750 ml Rare Edition

Now that Clase Azul price of around $150 in the USA, $90 in Mexico seems like a bargain. You could easily pay that much for a piece of quality talavera pottery in Puebla, but in this deal you're getting reposado tequila inside that's way above some higher-priced brands as well. Check the delivery price here. The hand-painted pottery is.

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Region: Jalisco, Mexico | ABV: 45.7% | Tasting Notes: Cinnamon, Olive, Brine This tequila is a cult favorite among experts, as Yana Volfson, the beverage manager at Cosme and ATLA restaurants in New York, calls it "beautiful." Enrique Fuenteseca, the farmer and distiller behind the bottle, chooses the ripest agave in his own estate, subjects the piñas to the autoclave-and-roller mill.

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Although tequila production in Mexico predates the 1700s, Guanajuato's Hacienda Corralejo became the first estate to produce tequila as a commercial venture in 1775.

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Casa Dragones Joven. $299 at Reserve Bar. Casa Dragones is labeled as a sipping tequila—for good reason. At nearly $300, this isn't something you're going to shoot or mix in a margarita. It's.

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Welcome to the official website of Gran Centenario Tequila, the epitome of Mexican traditions and heritage for generations. Since 1857, we have been dedicated.. lies a belief that traditions are not just to be preserved but celebrated. Each bottle of our 100% agave tequila is a testament to the time-honored methods established by our founder.